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International Orders FAQ

Do you take orders from outside the US?
Yes, the easiest way to order is to order on our shopping cart online. At the end of the address area it will ask you for your country and simply select your country. You can also order via our toll free line at 888-803-4438. If that number doesn’t work our local number is 817-481-0717

My country is not listed on the shopping cart, how can I order?
At this time, because of the high incidence of credit card fraud, we have not activated purchases on our shopping cart in some of the countries not listed. Should you desire to purchase our product we recommend that you email your order to us. However we do not recommend that you email credit card information because that would be an insecure form of communication. What would be best would be one of the following:

.1) You can email your phone number to us and we will call you. Please let us know what country you are in and a least two convenient times for us to call you.
2) You can finalize your order via email and send a check by mail.
3) Or you can finalize your order via email and fax your credit card
4) For security reasons, once your order is placed, your credit card information will be destroyed. If you wish to place a subsequent order, you will need to submit your credit card information again. We apologize for this inconvenience, but for your security; these are the steps we follow each and every time.
What are the shipping costs for orders outside the US?
You can determine the shipping cost by going to our shopping cart online. To figure out the postage place your order then click the “Check Out” button. When the check out page comes up, scroll down to the “Country” box below the ship to information. Enter either your country or any country outside of the US. The shopping cart will then calculate the shipping cost for your particular order.

What courier do you use when shipping international orders?
We have found that it is typically half the cost to ship via the US Postal Service to our international customers. However, the US Post Office requires 30 days before they will put a trace on a package.

How long does it take for you to ship out International orders?
We typically ship International orders within a day or two after receiving the order.