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Can I clean the filter in my Sport Berkey™ filtration bottle?
Unfortunately the Sport Berkey™ filter is not cleanable. Replacement filters however, are available.

I have a generic Sport Berkey™ filtration bottle, does it work the same as a regular Sport Berkey™ filtration bottle?
Yes, both systems function identically; the only difference is the generic version has no silk-screening on the exterior of the bottle. The generic versions of the Sport Berkey™ filters have been designed for organizations, such as missionaries and relief organizations, wherein it is critical to keep their costs to a minimum.

What is the capacity of the Sport Berkey™ filtration bottle?
The capacity of the bottle is 22 oz. and the bottle will efficiently filter ~160 refills of raw untreated water and ~640 refills of municipally treated water. Always use the cleanest source water possible as the dirtier the water, the quicker the filter element will become clogged.

Can I put my Sport Berkey™ filtration bottle in the refrigerator?
Yes you can refrigerate the Sport Bottle, just don’t let it freeze as freezing could expand the pores within the filter element and could compromise the integrity of the filter element.

I am having difficulty drawing water out of the straw of my new Sport Berkey™ filtration bottle. Is something wrong?
On occasion, the straw in the cap becomes pinched. Many times you can actually see where the straw has become stuck together internally. You can fix this very simply by doing the following:

-Open the cap so the straw is sticking up.
-Grasp the straw with your thumb and index finger, at the point where the straw exits the cap.
-Gently pull the straw out slightly, at the same time rotating the part of the straw that comes in contact with the cap, between your finger and thumb.
-This should open the straw up, allowing you to use your new Sport Berkey™water bottle.

Is the Sport Berkey™ filtration bottle just as powerful as the larger Berkey®systems?
There is a slight difference. The Sport Berkey™, to our knowledge, is the most powerful sport bottle available. However, because the wall thickness of the filter is thinner than the wall thickness of the Black Berkey™ elements, it is slightly less efficient. I doubt however, that you would be able to discern much of a difference with normal water supplies. If you were to put red food coloring into the water and run it through the Sport Berkey™ bottle, most of the food coloring will be removed. If you were to run it through the Black Berkey™elements, the food coloring would be removed entirely.

Do you make a fluoride reduction filter for the Sport Berkey™ filtration bottle?
Unfortunately we do not make fluoride reduction filters for the Sports bottle. Fluoride is very difficult to extract once it has been introduced into the water supply and it requires a large amount of media to remove just a small amount of fluoride. Currently, it would require that most of the room within the sport bottle be used for a fluoride filter leaving next to no room for the source water. Until a more powerful media is developed, it seems to us that it will be unfeasible to develop a fluoride reduction filter for the sport bottle. We do however make fluoride reduction filters for our larger systems because we have more room with which to work.

I am leaving the US for a third world country; can the Sport Berkey™filtration bottle be used instead of bottled water?
Yes, the Sport Berkey™ was designed for use in third world countries and can be used instead of commercial bottled water. The Sport Berkey™ is used worldwide by missionaries and relief organizations to transform otherwise un-potable water into potable drinking water. We always recommend, however that you use the cleanest water possible as this extends the life of the filters. You may also want to consider ordering several replacement filter elements to bring along with you. These will come in handy in the event that you are forced to rely on very turbid water that can more easily clog the filter elements.

Can I filter boiling water through the Sport Berkey™ filtration bottle for making hot tea?
Hot water can break down the filter element and compromise its efficiency so we recommend that you first filter the source water through the Sport Berkey™filtration bottle then afterward boil the filtered water for your tea.